A dedicated package for each type of project

MYRIAD-connect kernel includes:


  • Remote Desktop Access

  • RDP5 & RDP6 support (with printer mapping, disk mapping, COM & USB port mapping, bi-directional sound RDP6, RemoteFX RDP6)

  • Concurrent multi-sessions support - Application publishing service - Menus as "Remote Taskbar" and "Floating Panel"

  • Connection Client Generator

  • Seamless & RemoteAPP connection client 

  • Dual screen support 

  • Local & remote access support 

  • Workgroup & ActiveDirectory support 

  • Management console (AdminTool) Examplary use: Ideal for use with Point Of Sale (Windows based cash register) and WiFi connected tablet or remote worker from PC or Mac.



Examplary use:  Ideal for use with Point Of Sale (Windows based cash register) and WiFi connected tablet or remote worker from PC or Mac.

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On top of MYRIAD-connect "Core Edition" the Universal Printer feature gives you the assurance of trouble-free remote printing (without requiring driver installation on server side). 


Examplary use: Remote worker using various printer models at home and branch offices.

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On top of Printer Edition, the "Mobile Edition" opens a new scope of possibilities.

You get the freedom of choice for the connection client including:


  • html5 client

       (allows support for tablets & smartphones as well as any browser on PC & Mac) 

  • Java client

  • Windows client


Examplary use

  • Power user appreciating the freedom of terminal device choice.
  • IT department wanting to deploy BYOD in a controlled manner.
  • Software vendor wishing to offer instantly a web version of their apps.

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On top of "Mobile Edition", the "Gateway Edition" is targeted to multi-servers computer rooms and data-centers.


Thru its web portal it allows multiple access to servers with powerfull features: 


  • load-balacing & failover 

  • choice of connections clients (Web & RDP) 

  • user to server assignement 

  • Single-Signe-On (SSO) 

  • Web portal user's credential validation 


Examplary use: Application deployment offering web access portal with High-Availability & Load-Balancing. Mainly within large organisations and IT Service Providers.

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